Corporate Vision

Core vision:Become a representative of China's automation equipment, build international brands, and achieve our remarkable life.
Corporate Vision: Become a respected manufacturer with international brand equipment.
vision: Be a respected international brand equipment manufacturer.
Employee Vision:Create a group of high-quality, high-skilled and outstanding teams, let us live a happy life with cheerfulness, prosperity, happiness and achievement.

Corporate Philosophy

Core Philosophy: Dedication,Concentration,Profession.Do one thing well in one life.Create the first international brand of winding equipment.

Business Philosophy:Integrity & Pragmatism,
Unity & Efficiency,
Scientific & Innovation,
Sustainable & Development

Croproate Mission

Corporate Mission: Promote the development of automation technology and improve the living environment of human beings.

Career Mission:Providing the most professional automation equipment to global electronics manufacturers and becoming the leader of international brand equipment.

Corporate Values

Core Values: Innovation、 Professional 、 Integrity 、 Win-Win
Customer View:Everything is guided by improving quality of customer product and production efficiency.
Product View: Intensive Professional, Continuous Innovation
Talent Concept: Integrity and Pragmatic.Professional and Enterprising.
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